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Happy 2017 lovely readers and thank you for being loyal and coming around once in a while to check out where my style-journey takes me! A blog without readers is more like a diary for self and of course if I would want to hold my thoughts (and looks) only for me, than I wouldn’t edit a public website. So yes, I am the most happy when you are here, when you talk to me, I love to have discussions with you and I still can’t believe how many wonderful people from around the world I have got to know via this “little” fun activity called blogging. I hope we keep on being friends in the next years too!

And although they say you better never look back, I like to reflect on what has happened in the (near) past. That is why I fished out the most popular street style looks of 2016 on to see if the way I feel about certain looks matched to what you liked the most. Cause to be honest sometimes I am pretty shocked to see what I wore a while ago.

I totally adore those confident people (like these girls) who have a certain style that does not change over the years. Mine seems to change in every month. Duh. I am wondering if this constant  change (which I would rather call development if I may) outside has anything to do with the inside. Cause they say fashion is a self-expression, right? So am I getting more (or less) mature? Or am I only confused so I am trying different styles to find who I am? I am not sure. I only know that I like looks which I feel comfortable in, looks which make me feel confident and this feeling comes in the moment I pull the clothes on.

The most popular street style looks of 2016 are actually pretty much the same I felt truly good about when we were shooting them. Cause they made me feel me. So I guess we are on the same wave 🙂 . Do you agree with the list?

1. Mastering mix and match

popular street style - mix and match

Some silk and oversized knit, working on the oh so popular layering in fashion. Check out the full post here.

2. Love yourself – and your denim shorts

popular street style - denim shorts

This was a really personal post, not only a look but rather an elaboration about accepting and letting go. Check it here.

3. Over the knee boots saga

popular street style - over the knee boots

I love over the knee boots and last winter these clothes were my favourite. Shorts for winter are the most comfortable you can wear. Read more here.

4. Brave with colours: the orange bomber

popular street style - orange bomber jacket

Bomber jackets were huge again in 2016, I am wondering tho how long the stay around. This jacket is reversible and one of the colours is this hard orange. Something different than what I usually wear. Check more pictures here.

5. Outstanding minimalist look

popular street style - minimalist look

I really like simple and clean cuts and this dress is the definition of minimalism. If you would like to see it from the front again, just click here.

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