Frayed denim – a DIY trend to love

One reason to like the frayed denim trend is that you do not necessarily need to buy a new pair of jeans for it, you easily can fray your denim pants/shirts/jackets or whatever denim yourself. Anyone can do it and surely everyone has a pair of old jeans at the bottom of her closet.

fringed denim und leo mules-203
Image: Anny Opi

My jeans on the pictures are actually not self made frayed but since I have found out how easy it is to do it yourself, I definitely will give it a try. I have quite a lot of old denim, cause I am terrible at closet cleanse – I can’t say so easily good bye to things once I loved so much. (At one hand it is great cause now I have things to renew, but on the other hand I should not collect things I know I will most likely never ever wear again.) Anyway. So lets just dig into our closets and find a pair of jeans that fit but a bit out of style and give them a new life with a very simple technique you can see in the video below. And you don’t have to stop at jeans! There are tricks about how to distress shirts or shorten sleeves on a stylish way. But keep in mind: do not overdo it! By the style report of Vogue the best is never having distressed legs and frayed hem – either this or that. I must agree, I think a frayed hem like on my jeans here is eye-catching enough. Isn’t it?

If you do not want to fray:

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And here comes a fun and creative DIY tutorial about how to fray:

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