Five +1 easy steps towards a healthy eating routine

We tend to think of our health and bikini-look more around spring time, but it is a quite actual for me, so I just go for it. Recently I have made a few changes in my eating habits which actually seem to really work. Meaning: I feel healthy and strong and my body is changing for good. This just made me so enthusiastic that I thought I should share with you what I am actually doing. If you are looking for something speedy for loosing weight, then this is definitely not something for you. This kind of eating routine is for long term, for a stable change. Not a diet but a lifestyle.

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These are really only a few easy steps to do for a healthy eating routine, most likely nothing new, but who knows, maybe this little kick is what you need to start to give a little more attention.

Eat, whenever you feel hungry. Choose what you like the most. Enjoy tastes.

I always kind of wanted to have a healthy body but I have never been consequent with anything that would truly stand for a healthy and fit lifestyle. I always did a little bit of sport, sometimes I tried to skip sweets (so hard), but I have never really sticked to anything for a longer time. To be honest I have know idea how and why now I have started to do mini steps towards a more healthy life.

I just had a chat with my childhood friend the other day about her eating routine. We both are lucky with genes and could get back into our “normal” shape after having kid(s). But there are certain things that you just can’t fight with keeping your lifestyle the same forever. Slower metabolism is one of the biggest enemies, so it is just unavoidable to do changes in your diet if you want to keep your scale under control. (And of course sport can’t hurt, but that topic is for an other post.) So after this chat with my friend I just made up my own terms for a healthy eating routine, which contains only five (+1) little changes, everyone can easily do. If I could, you surely can!

1. No potato-meat match

Keep the meat and replace the carbs with fresh or steamed vegetables. A little bit of carbs are ok for the morning. But just try to skip carbs in general. The best is to start the day with fruits, freshly-squeezed juices, yoghurt and whole grain muesli. My breakfast is the same every single morning: low fat yoghurt, oats and berries with a drop of honey.

2. Sweet it up smartly

If you crave sweets, try to eat it in the morning and only a very little for the taste. Or what is much better: replace ice-cream with homemade smoothies, cakes with fruit-salads or low-fat yoghurt and bonbons with quality dark-chocolate.

3. More raw

Green is good: go for organic and fresh ingredients. Fresh and raw fruits and veggies from the local farmers market is always the best option. Whenever I feel I want something sweet in the evening (that was always my “sweet time”) I chew a few carrots or kohlrabi. Always works.

4. Skip the creamy

Creamy drinks are not welcome. Also no creamy alcohol. I love cocktails but I do not drink the creamy versions anymore. Of course skipping alcohol would be the best option, but just one step at a time 😉 . These cocktails are actually perfect!

5. Eat less

Literally. I love to eat, and I tended to eat as much as I could. Almost until I felt like I could explode. I became tired after a big, good lunch. Today I eat always half of what I would eat normally. And this makes miracles. I do not need much to eat anymore to feel full and my stomach has got smaller. But it also means I get hungry earlier than before, so I actually eat more times smaller meals. I am never, ever starving!

+1 Water

Drinking a glass of water (or hot ginger water) before your meals makes you feel earlier full, so you will not eat more food than you really need. Also its nothing new, but drinking 2-3 litres of water in general is the best you can do for your body and skin.

That is all. It’s not rocket science and maybe you just need someone to tell you for the 100 million times to do a few changes 😉 . For me the changes started to show after around one month. You will definitely not see or feel much different after the first week, or even after the second, so keep on going and maintain your new way of eating. It will pay off!

What is your secret to keep you in shape?


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