Hello from the Amalfi coast

You might have noticed that I was not so active here recently. It is because I am on vacation (yay)! Now I only would like to say a short hello to you, dear readers, and let you know that I am actually pretty active on Instagram during my vacay. More specifically I totally enjoy using the new feature on Instagram, the Instagram Stories. This feature killed my interest completely in Snapchat (which I have used once in a while, but with not much enthusiasm). So I am now posting a lot of snaps of the everyday happenings here in Italy, which you can see for 24 hours. After that the stories are gone – and new stories take their place.

Anyway, everything is soon back to normal here on the website, but till then come over to Instagram Stories where you can see the beautiful city if Positano and the Amalfi coast through my lens. xx

Have you seen the ultimate packing list I have used for this travel?

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