Hello chunky knits

Having a long time break (wow this was my last post) gave my blogging mojo back and I feel enthusiastic and inspired by the new season – well hello chunky knits! Sometimes we just need to take a step back and reflect, and I guess being back to business means this is really something I love to do.

To be honest I was quite fed up with all the “influencer” things going on, especially cause there was a day when suddenly all the big Instagram fashion accounts were showcasing the exact same bag (welcome back Dior saddle). Although I really like this vintage one a lot, fashion blogging for me is about authenticity and personal style and sure I completely understand the business part of it I totally loose my interest when everybody wears the same things.

So there were a lot of very popular accounts who lost my following on that day and I thought I need a little time to find out if fashion-blogging is really what I want to be part of. But here I go again 🙂 .

These photos were done when the sun was still warm and the days were long (just as my hair) but chunky knits are more actual than ever. I made a little selection of my favourites of the actual season with links to the shops.



Photos: Isabell Jetchev

mumshandmade chunky knit leather pants-7534

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