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The thing with Hamburg is this: you will meet some 556 people assuring you how beautiful this city is (“most beautiful city in the whole wide world!”) and where would you find all these people? Sitting on top of each other in a latte macchiato cosmos called S(terns)chanze. We serve you with 5 alternatives to this never ending hipness scene.

Salon Wechsel Dich is a beautiful place…you can have it all here. Sit on the chair and take it with you.
Image: Keywan Zohrabi for SILKsofine.com

Salon Wechsel Dich is placed right in the heart of the neat neighborhood of Grindelhof, the former jewish quarter of Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. Right after you walked down the stairs and entered the wonderful basement, you can smell the seductively tasty waffles which I can warmly recommend with some hot cherries on top or goat cheese for the savoury lunch version. Have a seat, take a glance through the rooms and…find out you can have everything you see here, because every single table, chair, vase and lamp is for sale. Salon Wechsel Dich offers delicious coffee as well as a sales area for young interior design. Come by and fall in love with it.

SALON WECHSEL DICH, Grindelhof 62, 20146 Hamburg. Opening hours: tuesday to sunday – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed on mondays. Reservations via +49 (0)40 320 39 889. And you can sit outside as well.

Have a look at their online shop here with some of the current pieces being shown at the café.

Heartly recommended: waffles at Salon Wechsel Dich
Image: Keywan Zohrabi for SILKsofine.com

Klippkroog means “simple restaurant” in Plattdeutsch but in reality, it is pretty far away from offering “simple” food. Or maybe just simply good food. Anyhow, if you like the fusion of wooden tables and industrial lamps hanging from high ceilings, if you enjoy having an unbelievably generous amount of delicious scrambled eggs on your breakfast plate, then you are about to enter paradise. Don’t aim too high, it’s not the sky – it’s Hamburg-Altona. And by the way: they have lunch specials and a dinner menu worth your money…so maybe just stay there after breakfast, grab one of the magazines and enjoy a whole day of fresh and regional cuisine.

KLIPPKROOG, Große Bergstraße 255, 22767 Hamburg. Opening hours: mondays and sundays – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., tuesday to saturday – 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Reservations via +49 (0) 40  57 24 43 68.

It’s also about muffins at Stockholm Espresso Club
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine.com

The name Stockholm Espresso Club already alludes gently to a a higher sphere of coffee drinking (and making). Try out one of the three extraordinary brewing methods to have the most fancy and -at last- truly luscious coffee. Roasted in Sweden and brought to you by some of the nicest barista of Hamburg Coffee City. They have this cute weakness for black bow ties on white button-down shirts, but you will still feel their relaxed attitude accompanied by the self-confidence of being the first choice of coffee sommeliers when you enter the light flooded space. And of course you can shop the coffee and brewing equipment if you planned to train your barista skills. Oh, and it is Hamburg-Winterhude, by the way. Bow ties very welcome.

STOCKHOLM ESPRESSO CLUB, Peter-Marquard-Str. 8, 22303 Hamburg. Opening hours: monday to friday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., saturdays and sundays – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Contact via +49 (0)176 63 88 72 20.

Inside sneak-peek at Stockholm Espresso Club
Image: David Vahabi / Stockholm Espresso Club
Feeling fancy at Stockholm Espresso Club Hamburg
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine.com
“You won’t forget your first love” – Erste Liebe Bar
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine.com

Erste Liebe Bar is – let’s be honest – the best name for a café and bar I have ever come across. The slogan is “you will not forget your first love”, which is written in big orange letters in a speech balloon, glued to the glass front of this coffee place. You surely won’t miss it. This coffee-and-more-spot is part of a breathtakingly beautiful house right next to Michaelisbrücke in Hamburg-Neustadt, the city centre. Very clean, very chic choice of interior which literally says “less is more” – but be sure that the “less”-part is impressive! Besides, various street artists are given space to exhibit current pieces and for now it is the great Mr. Nonski adorning the white walls. Have a first date here – yes, pun intended and everything, but it is such a nice place to actually meet your special person!

ERSTE LIEBE BAR, Michaelisbrücke 3, 20459 Hamburg. Opening hours: monday to friday – 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., saturdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed on sundays. Reservations via +49 40 3690 1808. You can also rent the whole space for your own party – or a very special date.

The CEO of Erste Liebe Bar collects some of the world’s best coffee spot adresses to print them on the café’s paper cups. We love it!
Image: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine.com

Have you ever had a real authentic swedish breakfast? It has nothing to do with -fast, but more with a feast at Frau Larsson. After having an amazing coffee at Stockholm Espresso Club, just cross the street and celebrate this amazing breakfast plate named Daniel & Victoria: hearty swedish pancakes, self-made pickled herring, self-made jam, cream cheese, other cheese, mouth-watering sweet pancakes with apple puree and wonderful bread to put all these ingredients on. Have a look at the lunch menu as well, because you will never taste anything so good from Sweden outside of Sweden actually. No, not even at the IKEA restaurants.

FRAU LARSSON, Peter-Marquard-Str. 13, 22303 Hamburg. Opening hours: monday to sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., reservations via +49 40 769 79 357. Please give the girls a call before you visit the café on a hungry saturday or sunday morning!

That’s me. I really like this job.
Image: Keywan Zohrabi for SILKsofine.com

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