Ho to make the most out of mid-summer SALE

I like shopping like every other girl but I like shopping on SALE even more. And the moment me and all of you dear savvy shopper friends were waiting for is here! From the beginning of this week the mid-summer sale is on in all of my very favourite online designer shops! I don’t know how you shop sale items, but I have a personal strategy. At the very beginning of the sale the shops start from 20% to 40% discount. But the discount will not stop here! As the time goes the prices will be also better, all the way up to 70% off. So if there is something I know is really popular and I have it on my wish-list for so very long, then I try to get it right when the SALE starts. However it really is worth to wait a little, and less popular items, which your are dreaming about so long, might get an even better price! In the case of mid-summer sale these items are usually the fall/winter stuff as it is a little hard to imagine what you will want to wear in the cold when it is warm outside. But if you have a cool jacket like this one (which is amazing but soooo expensive) so long in your list, then you have a good chance to get it for the best price. So cross fingers and enjoy the mid summer sale shopping!

Roll down to see a part of my wish-list. It is still growing, so I might make an extra post for the next SALE favourites. Anything you like from my list? What would you add? x


mid summer sale landscape

Favourites of mid-summer sale 2017

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