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If you are looking for inspiration or just companion for your everyday fashion journey then you are at the right place!

I am Dolna, Hungarian born, living in Germany, blogging in English. PR and communication specialist and IT product designer by education, otherwise an idealist, who is always in the search and loves to experiment. SILKsofine.com is a love child of mine, a place to give and receive but most of all to inspire. I enjoy styling and am a big fan of sophisticated looks with a twist. But my very favourite in blogging is to have the chance to meet amazing people from different cultures and getting insight of our beautiful, diverse world through fashion as self-expression. Check out the 7 days 7 looks features and let me know if you would like to be featured!

I am also open for any other inquiries, collaboration ideas or just to have a nice chat, so don’t be shy to contact me: info@silksofine.com or via the contact form.

You made my day with being around, thank you! xx Dolna

Photography by Isabell Jetchev

SILKsofine is about fashion, beauty and quality of life – with a hint of luxury.







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