How to upgrade a casual denim look in a blink of an eye

When you have too little time or you are just too lazy to put a decent outfit together but you still want to look good, then there are only a few things you need to upgrade whatever you find first in your closet. This is how I elevate a casual denim look from basic to chic in a blink of an eye.

denim look upgraded-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0478
Photos: Anny Opi

My favourite piece of clothes were, are and always will be denim. I wear denim in every shape and colour and almost for every occasion. Although denim is considered to be one of the most casual fabrics in my opinion there is always a way to bring the most out of it. Accessorising makes magic and basic clothes like a pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversized knit sweater is upgraded from a basic look into a chic casual look. With sneakers these clothes would look all right as well, but would be boring and not feminine at all. That’s why I looked for the highest heels I have and my favourite investment bag to spice the style up a little. And that is all I do for making a simple denim outfit look more than basic. A chic pair of shoes and a beautiful bag always do the trick, do you agree?

What I Wear

Knit: Edited X Lena Terlutter (similarJeans: Victoria Beckham (similarSandals: Givenchy Bag: Chanel (on Vestiaire CollectiveSunglasses: Ray Ban

Accessories for an upgraded look


denim look upgraded-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0496 denim look upgraded-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0490 denim look updated-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0556 denim look upgraded-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0536 denim look upgraded-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0535 denim look upgraded-casual-with-givenchy-heels-0508

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