Why you need earthy colours and how to wear them

You might have say wearing neutrals and earthy colours is so 2015 – and when I look at the current vibrating colour trend I would almost agree with you. Except I do not. Cause earthy colours are timeless, go almost with everything and with only a few tricks (like mix and match) they are the subtile epitome of modern chic.

earthy colours, suede jacket
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

Earthy colours, as their name tells, include beige, brown, tan or green tones, the ones we find in the nature. The misconception about these tones is that they might be boring but I really think they are not at all. In case you follow my styling journey then you already know that I really love textures and different fabrics and I think there lays the answer of how to wear earthy colours without being basic.

Playing with textures and fabrics is a simple yet sophisticated way to upgrade the most monochromic outfits. For instance in my current look I combined a voluminous chunky knit sweater with a lighter fine knit dress and a suede biker jacket (I am so into biker jackets) involving five different tones of earthy colours. Five different tones, still the overall look is smooth and makes a perfect base for accessorising. To all the natural colours I paired a bold statement necklace (an other material again!) which is one of my very favourite (see here with a completely different styling) with a matching style ring and a pair of huge sunglasses. Oh and I wear tan toned net stockings which is almost invisible, but you can see it if you look closer the detail shots.

If you are like me who doesn’t like to stand out from far with screaming outfits, rather enjoys luxurious functionality on a fashionable way then you definitely want to have earthy colours in your wardrobe. These tones compliment every skin colour, the only thing to take care of is that darker skin tones look the best wearing lighter earthy colours and lighter skin tones should go for darker shades.

By the way earthy colours are beautifully combinable with more vibrant tones like marsala, orange or even red – but I would only add these tones as a pop up, in a small amount. Have you ever tried that?

What I Wear

Suede jacket: Selected FemmeChunky knit: Edited Dress: T by Alexander Wang Heels: Gianvito Rossi Bag and sunglasses: Celine Necklace: Dylanlex

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