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If you are someone who thinks bags are one of the most important accessories then high five, you and I couldn’t agree more. A bag can add a lot to your look or it can tone it down completely. Trend is constantly changing (and soon the season too) so this is time again to take a look at the trendiest bags. You might want to hurry to catch the ones on this list fast, otherwise fashion-bloggers will take them before you 🙂 . This is the edit of IT bags 2016.

IT bags 2016 in post

Fashion-bloggers are exactly on trend or if they were good ones then they are much ahead of others. This sometimes results in trending items completely sold out, guess to whom? To fashion-bloggers. Fashion lovers who don’t blog might look for an actual trend that they see in magazines or blogs, but there is no chance to get access to them cause the whole fashion-blogger world is wearing that IT piece. That is why I though I make a small list of trending bags which are still available and are IT pieces for the upcoming season.

1. Logo

Small Gucci bag with golden chain. I actually have tried it on myself last time in a store and the chain is quite short so not exactly cross-body bag unless you like to wear it much above your hips. A beautiful piece with more space inside than it looks like from outside.

2. Pierce

J. W. Anderson’s Pierce bag is on Instagram, worn by a lot of big bloggers. Predictable one of the biggest favourites of the next autumn.

3. Collage

My personal favourite! I have to consciously hold myself back and not to get one more Collage from Saint Laurent. For me this bag is the very perfect size and shape for all my needs, with a top handle. Winner!

4. Minimal

Not only the bucket bags are beautiful by Mansur Gabriel but these top handles as well! The hues is beautiful and soft, still works when the weather chills. Pink will be big this autumn!

5. Pionnière

A little extravaganza toned down by Prada. Mini bag size, perfect for mobile phone, money and your favourite lipstick. Same concept as for an earlier piece by Gucci, the strap comes in several different versions, I like the striped one but all of them looks very good.

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