It’s a toothy question: Foreo Issa yes or no?

If you haven’t heard of the latest Swedish oral care phenomenon, the Foreo Issa toothbrush, then it is time to get to know this product! This post is kind of a review but anyway because I get really enthusiastic when I like something, I just would like to introduce it to those who don’t known it yet.


I came across Foreo as a brand when I was browsing through the beauty section of Net-a-Porter. Before I purchased I have read a few reviews about the use of the Foreo toothbrush but the opinions were so diverse, I needed to try it myself.

The most important about this toothbrush for me that it is extremely hygienic. The entire toothbrush is made of silicon (the new tooth brush heads, like on my photo are a combination of traditional brush and silicon), thus bacterias doesn’t have enough time to grow into the speedy drying silicon brush. It also has a few other unbelievable features: you need to charge the battery via USB. One charge is enough for 365 times. Oh yes. THAT long. The brush head is long lasting as well: you don’t need to change it for 365 days.

The design is unbelievably smooth, light and luxurious feel. It comes with a pretty leather case for travelling and it takes really just a little space.

The price is high almost 200€ but according to all the above mentioned facts it is not much more expensive than other high quality electronic toothbrushes at the end.



So far very tempting, but you also need to know a bit about the use before you decide to change your Sonicare toothbrush as I did. I have read it in several reviews and I experienced the same at first: the brush head is not exactly small and it is vibrating on high frequency. You need to use the Foreo toothbrush in a similar way as you would use a traditional non-electronic tooth brush. I was pretty used to just kind of press my Sonicare toothbrush to my teeth and let it do the job. With Foreo Issa you need to move your hands around all the areas and especially in the back it might feel uncomfortable until you get used to the method.

Also the “clean feeling” was not obvious after the first few uses, but now I really think I do it the right way, so my teeth feel clean. It is a very different feeling cause the silicon brush is not as hard as the traditional brush heads – perfect for those with sensitive gum.

I personally like Foreo Issa a lot so as you can see on my photo my whole family has one now in different colours – it comes for kids as well, smaller head, lower vibrating frequency and additional features like a smiley lights up when enough time was used for brushing the teeth, or a sad smiley blinks if my daughter leaves too long time between toothbrushing. Absolutely motivating! So from my side it is a big yes! How about you? Any experiences?

 Foreo Issa and other Foreo beauty products

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