Jewellery Fairy Tale at Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition

It was truly like in a fairy tale when I entered the 1st inhouse exhibition of one of my very favourite jewellery designer, Tamara Comolli. The location (Das Tegernsee Hotel) was perfectly matching to the theme, Fairy Tale, with all the high ceilings and plaster ornaments on the walls. Everything was modestly white in order to let the breathtaking treasures shine.

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-53
Fairy collection

I known Tamara for a while now – you could have seen her several times on my Instagram feed – and I can tell that her friendly, warm personality is thoroughly reflected in her work. Her adoration of nature and focus on delicate details are key elements of every single Tamara Comolli designs. Her newest collection, Fairy, is “a look for modern princesses”. Feminine lines are combined with the finest materials, diamonds and pure gold to ensure a very fine, modern look. And then there is Capri, the newest addition to the “Color Stories” on A bright collection that makes you want to leave everything behind for Italy – except your Mikado Flamenco bracelet in Capri colours. And these are only the newest members of the expanding jewellery lines by Tamara Comolli. There are several other beauties that are favourites of the biggest luxury retailers and nonetheless of us, who enjoy the purity and clear harmony of nature’s flowing lines embodied in precious jewellery designs.

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-89
Meet the designer: Tamara Comolli (right) and Petra Winter (editor-in-chief at Madame magazine)
Fairy collection
Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-70
Fairy in rose gold
Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-29
Beautiful bright colours in the Capri collection
Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-31
The Mother of Pearl version of the India Leaf (left middle) is part of a wonderful charity campaign: details here
Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-75
Jewellery heaven

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-23 Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-26

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-22
Tahitian pearls, carefully selected one by one by the designer herself

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-14
Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-82

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-87
Kindest Sarah-Maria Müller, PR and Social Media Manager with guests

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-64 Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-60 Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-59

Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition-3
Warm welcome and see you soon
Tamara Comolli 1st Exhibition FI-8
Tamara and me and my favourite Mikado (oh well, one of many). Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!


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