July’s Five: with spotless skin to the Amalfi coast

At the middle of the summer I feel the need of inspiration more than ever. The summer is not being too kind to us here in the north and it feels like the more grey than sunny days suck out all the energy I have. At summer time usually we do not travel but spend time at home, because summer is supposed to be nice here as well. But this summer we must fly to the south and gain that vitamin D somewhere else. Till then here come my five inspirations to go through gloomy northern July.

1. The perfect poplin dress

Eager to find the right summer dress made of poplin. Not too sweet with all the frills they are usually made with according the current trend, still romantic and breezy for hot summer days. The one on the picture is my Nr.1 choice, just caught the very last one on SALE, in white. Can’t wait to see how it fits.

2. The coast of Amalfi

I can’t believe what is just about to happen: we are visiting the Amalfi coast next month! A dream will come true! The colourful houses on the coastline of Positano are waiting for us, and we are going to soak ourselves into art, beauty and of course the sea. Travel report will follow! Thinking of this vacation makes me going on, through the not so summery days here in the north. Counting the days.

3.  Hairgoals

I love not only the style but the hair of  @sincerelyjules as well. Kind of my #hairgoal. But you know the feeling when your hair is not that short but also not that long? I am there now and it is a big trial for me. Would love to have really long and beautiful hair but after having a short bob before, it is really challenging to let my hair grow under my shoulder. Doesn’t matter what I try to do it doesn’t look good. I need strong self-control to not rush into a hair saloon and cut it short again. Any tips how to survive this period??

4. Spotless skin

Oh well, this is a dream, and for me only works with concealers and other tricks to make my otherwise pretty good skin look spotless. As soon as I go to the sun I get a lot of brown spots all over. I love to be tanned so the only thing I can do to hide the spots is to use concealers and tinted face creams. Sisley works well for me (a little too dry to use it alone, so I apply it by mixing it with my facial cream) but I also like this one from Sensai. What do you use?

5. Authenticity

Just have seen a part of this video on Facebook the other day and I felt moved by this woman. Kate Winslet is long time favourite because of her authenticity. She is a role model of many who stands for being natural inside and out and seeks motivation for not giving up. When people do not believe in you but you feel you are on the right way, you must go on and you will succeed. I do not usually watch full length press conferences by actors but this is one worth to watch.

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