July’s Ten: From Romantic Lengths to Bright Lips

After a bit of travel (read about my latest Ibiza tips here) I can say there is nothing more inspiring than foreign cultures and people, people, people! I am sinking myself from top to toe into summer’s lively spirit and although July is already long on, still not too late to put together a list of 10 inspirations for this month. Come along with me.

1. Long dresses

Despite of the active presence of androgynous or just plain boyish styles I am certain that romance is not dead at all! Flowery motives, long, floating dresses, roses and spinning around and around on a green field like a princess is celebrated again. Je t’aime!


2. Yellow

There is something about this colour that makes it only wearable to real pros – and brunettes. Yellow is clearly not everybody’s darling but so it doesn’t have to be. Blondies have red, lets leave yellow for us, with a darker tone. At least for this summer. At least for this breathtakingly light and pretty dress.


3. Still fringes but Pocahontas must go

I still completely adore fringes but I am not a fan of associating them with the outfits in the western movies. Fringes have much more potential than that, especially when they are displayed in beautiful colour combinations, like this skirt by Tamara Mellon (currently on sale!).


4. Playful heels

Sophia Webster is famous about daring for making our feet happy. These beautiful butterfly sandals are a chic example of that being playful in fashion can be pretty at the same time. Absolute feminine style and the neon sole is literally a highlight.


5. Hats

Doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, hats are always hot. Saint Laurent is mastering the mix up of clean cut and rock n’ roll with these hat designs. This red version is now on sale (yay) but for the dark hues of the new season we need to open our purses wide open.


6. Round frames

Not exactly new but I just have given in about round frames. Before my travel to my last vacation I have purchased a round framed, ultra-light Gucci and I couldn’t be happier for doing it. Of course my sleek and simple frames can be way much more accentuated and look absolutely adorable, like this pair from Prada.


7. Bright lips

Bright lips are one of my must haves for summer. They look wonderful on every skin tone, but I prefer to wear them when I have a nice glowing tan. On this picture I am especially inspired of the combination of colours, coral lips and dark green gems are an unbeatable combination. My current favourite summer lipstick is this In Love from Lancôme.


8. Pixie

I just have read that Rumer Willis cut her locks and has a pixie cut now – and how good she looks with her new style! Every single time I see someone daring to give up long hair I am also thinking about doing the same. When I was 18 I had a really (really!) short hair, almost bold, and people told me that was my thing. Since then I have never dared again to chop my hair off. I am afraid of loosing that feminine touch. But when I look at Michelle Williams here, I can see that short hair can be very much feminine. Maybe I should go for it this time?


9. New ways of wearing jewellery

This kind of jewellery (I do not even know how to call it) might be not new for others but I have never actually seen one before my trip to Ibiza. There I have tried a sneak version (posted on Instagram) and I can tell it is surprisingly comfortable. I would think such a thing on the palms could be disturbing, but no! You can’t really realise it after a while, the same way like when you start to wear rings. Love it.


10. Family

Oh well, this might be an unusual but still fashion related inspiration of July, cause it is about one of my very favourite fashion designers. I have seen this lovely photo on Victora Beckham’s Instagram account and it moved me. Simply the fact that you can have it all, family and career, is something I like to keep in front of my eyes. Working hard might shift our attention away from other (more!) important things, like family. However without family nothing would be the same, career either. One comes from the other. Never forget. x






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