La Mer shows us how evenings look like at Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl

I rarely get caught up by commercials because Nr.1: I watch only the news on television (I prefer blueray-s or dvd-s cause I don’t like movies being interrupted by commercials) Nr.2: When it comes to ads I am really picky. There must be something in a commercial that makes it good. What defines good here? For me there must be something that is not only harshly pointing out a product but makes me interested in the product by a story. And this La Mer beauty commercial is one that actually works on me.

I have seriously got interested in checking out La Mer products after watching their newest ad. I am in the phase currently when I am willing to renew my beauty products. I am a type of girl who is very loyal to the same brands for long year, but then a moment comes when suddenly I need a change, something refreshingly new. But then I usually meet the problem of overload of countless beauty brand options to choose from and I have no patience to go through everything to find the best fitting product for me.

More favourite beauty products:

All the best beauty labels offer wonderful, healthy, eco and so on products and sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I should get. When you have the same kind of ingredients in two facial cream from different labels, even for very similar price then how do you choose? Your dermatologist and your friends can give good tips of course but I am glad to be caught up on a visual that helps me to decide as well.

This La Mer commercial doesn’t show any new ideas, actually they go for a basic tool in marketing: positive emotions. Beside of children and dogs, love works the best in commercials, cause we all (ok most of us) have a romantic side which (regardless of gender or age) loves to be in love. But like every emotion, love is something risky to play. It must be authentic, there should be a real good chemistry displayed by actors or in the case of the La Mer’s ad, by a real life married couple.

I think Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl did a pretty good job there. The looks, the shining eyes, the whole mood is something comforting. And this is a pretty good reason for me to check La Mer products out. I might get it for my hubby as well. You know.. for those #eyeslightup moments 😉 ..

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