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Undoubtedly one of the best online destinations to inspire and get inspired is Instagram – that is why there is a lot going on on our own Instagram account. In case you follow you might have noticed that the whole account took a new direction for good. Let me give you a sneak peek of what is really happening on lately.

Outfit inspirations

  Much more focus on my own personal style and outfit inspirations. Posting is regular, no day goes by without something new. Most of the looks posted on Instagram are completely different than the looks you can find here on the website, in the LOOKbook.



You heard it from me a million times before, still can’t stop saying it: accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! There are time to time closeups on Instagram about how I am doing it, introducing labels I personally like – hoping to inspire.

What’s in my bag

  I like to expose what my current favourites are in beauty, tech or anything else. I really believe that when a woman shows what she is carrying in her bag, that is something intimate and tells a lot about her. Do you agree?

Pretty things


Because there is so much beauty in the world! Interrupting the fashion focus, rarely still sometimes I like to show what I find pretty in the world. Like this traditional house warming present, that was so beautifully wrapped that I couldn’t not post it. It is inspiration anyhow.

More outfit inspirations

Never ending #HeadlessSelfies and #FromWhereIStand photos for fun and for the love of fashion. But anyhow just hop over and check out what we’ve got and surely do not forget to let me know about your account here or there in the comments, cause I am also someone who is always seeking inspiration. xx

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