Let it snow – and prepare for spring (summer)

I know, I know, it is pretty wild to talk about spring (about summer it is straight forbidden) when it is seriously snowing outside, but for me that is actually the trigger. I was waiting for this moment when finally I am able to wear my furry boots. Still, winter being here in its full appearance means my favourite seasons, spring and summer are not that far away anymore.

Winter sales has cleared the shelves and made space for little dresses, sandals and bikinis (happy dance!). It is really refreshing for me browsing through the upcoming spring/summer trends, especially because I have just returned from a fantastic winter escape – travel story comes soon! Before my winter vacation I have checked the cruise collections as I needed to refresh my summer outfits. I have even ordered a few things, but the best buys I did on the islands I have visited. Anyway, that comes in my travel post. So, the cruise collections put me in the mood for summer and being in paradise (lowest 30 °C, turquoise water and endless, white sandy beaches) for two and a half weeks prepared me to think of spring and summer with ease at the middle of the snow. Obviously now I hardly can put my winter coat on, so instead of going out and freeze I rather checked today the “new in” sections on my favourite online stores and made a few sets as a pre-wishlist of spring/summer 2015. The outfits are quite summery, but with a good cover up I would say they work on a weekend, filled  with flowery scent in the soft air.





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