Little things to brighten the day

A gloomy day home alone can be brightened with little things around. This time speaking of things that money actually can buy. We girls know very well that a sour throat can be cured (at least temporarily) with a little shopping, right 😉 ? Still, this time I wasn’t shopping, just browsing around in my house.

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You might have realised that since I have posted this amazing feature of Diane last week I have not been as active as usual. I was having a pretty bad flu and it took all my energy out. My head was useless, I couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days, obviously to go for photo shooting was impossible. After the pressure of thinking of my beloved blog being not updated for long I have realised that I can not do anything else then wait it out and gain as much as new energy I can. And so I did that.

I am still not 100% well but I just can’t not write anymore. However it is pretty hard to get inspiration when you are in the last 7 days only at home. Trying to cheer myself up I was looking around in the house, looking for little things, and I have found a few! Of course our upcoming travel to Italy helped a lot to have a kind of starting point. Most likely I will bring with me all the little things I have found just now. And some more. But that will be an other story.

My selection of little things is pretty fashion-focused (this time) but I am wondering what cheers you up in such a state like mine? Feel free to share! xx



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