LOKAL Swap meets Kleiderkreisel

All images: Margarita Junowitsch for SILKsofine

This month seems to be all about social shopping and share economy: we joined the girls of Kleiderei at their big re-opening party two weeks ago and spent the last weekend clearing up our wardrobes. Why? Because this sunday, the online shopping and swapping platform Kleiderkreisel.de teamed up with LOKAL e.V. to celebrate a special idea: bring a maximum of five of your tossed wardrobe pieces with you, receive a voucher and let the swapping party begin. You can choose from vintage shoes, jackets, skirts, bags, accessory and much more. It is a classic win-win-situation: find your next favorite outfit and make someone else happy with garment you do not wear anymore. All the pieces must be in a very good condition and there are some other rules to this swap game, but all in all, it was fun! We could not believe how many people were standing in line on this rainy sunday afternoon just to get into the nicely green painted location in Hamburg-Altona. Once you made it inside the house, you have to be very quick scanning the display and picking new darlings. Next stop: the “swap check-out”, where you finally get them confirmed and exchange voucher and clothes. And believe me: you will need a coffee or at least a Club Mate afterwards. And one of the delicious cakes by LaDouce.

At the swap reception

Kleiderkreisel is a great thing if you do not live close enough to Kleiderei, for example. You can upload your stuff via the platform (available as an app, as well) and decide whether you want to sell or swap. I have found some great pieces there myself and got rid of some mispurchases which made other girls happy. This is the idea behind the online wardrobe of Kleiderkreisel and the local and face-to-face exchange of future wardrobe favorites. If you wonder about the best way to get to the “good stuff” without waiting in line: register as a volunteer for reception, check-out and the café to see the first exchanged pieces before everyone else. Besides,  you do not need to worry about leaving empty-handed: the vouchers will be valid for the next swapping party as well, which will be taking place in about three months from now!

In the mood for swapping…
I hope this pink bag found a new home…

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