Love yourself – and your denim shorts

Not that they are suiting me at all, but I wear shorts because I love them. They are comfortable, durable and go with everything, so my unhappiness with my legs will not stand between me and my favourite denim shorts.

chloe top, denim shorts, isabel marant sandals-9285
Photos: Anny Opi

I do not know anyone who would be perfectly happy with her body and I am no exception. Sure there are bigger problems in the world than small or too big boobs (or having strong legs full with deep veins) but accepting (loving!) ourselves inside and out is an everyday dilemma. Cause we all want to be happy, right? Loving ourselves is the first step.

I am working on changing my attitude about myself. It might be that I have turned 40 this year, but I am having a period of my life when I want change. I want to enjoy life without overthinking/overanalysing everything, having fear or being insecure. Letting go of things/people I can’t have a hold on, ergo accepting unchangeable things as they are, is part of the change I seek. I love unconditionally, go to work out, do whatever I can do to keep me healthy and I wear denim shorts if I want to. So simple is that 🙂 . Sure there are people who have got there much earlier than me, but I am glad I am at this stage at all. 🙂  Of course I still go for little tricks which help to accept things on the surface, like in the case of my denim shorts I wear a pretty voluminous top to balance the 3X oversized shorts out. What do you think, did it work? xx

What I wear:

Top: Chloe Denim shorts: Dsquared2 Sandals: Isabel Marant Bag: Gucci Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Favourite denim shorts:

chloe top, denim shorts, isabel marant sandals-9183 chloe top, denim shorts, isabel marant sandals-9294 chloe top, denim shorts, isabel marant sandals-9199 chloe top, denim shorts, isabel marant sandals-9212-2 chloe top, denim shorts, isabel marant sandals-9253

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