Luxurious gifts for HER – under 150€

I don’t know how it is with you, but in my family it is a dilemma every single year what to give as a present, because nobody really wishes for things but still very happy to get one at the end 🙂 . And in case you still miss a few presents for your loved ones (I do), then probably this little list of gifts for her can help you a bit. But do not forget: these are just things. What really everybody needs is love and care. Everything else is only an extra surprise..

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Sometimes I have the feeling we girls like to get presents a little more than guys do. It is probably the excitement what we enjoy, because I know about myself that I really do not expect anything from anybody, however I really enjoy to get a surprise.

Of course we all dream about having “things” like I have this bag on my dream-list (most likely I will never ever be able to get a classic treasure like this bag in my life), but this is not something I would wish for Christmas. I actually do not wish any things for Christmas but since I am a mama I want to give everything to my daughter.. as cheesy as it sounds what I really want to give her above anything is my love. I want her to know that this is the one and only important thing in life. Everything else is just an extra that can make our days more fun. Enjoy your Holidays lovely peeps! xx

In case you still want to give some things for her then in this list every luxurious thing is under 150 Euro:


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