It’s a Man’s World – Boyfriend Jeans & Man Shirt

In the last years there was/is a quite obvious transmission between ultra feminine, androgynous or mannish styles and we all adopted it into our wardrobes on our own way. I assume I don’t surprise you whit my addiction to boyfriend jeans (and to denim in general) but this time I went a tiny little further and dressed in man clothes from top to toe. Or rather from top to ankle cause when I asked my husband, he was quite clear about not willing to wear pointy toe, hairy, leo flats.

Do I look like a boy? // All images: Anny O. for SILKsofine

Most of this look is basics and wearing mostly basics can be very boring, so I focused on the accessorises to lift the style and make it pretty. Boyfriend jeans and my husband’s shirt are the main parts. Oversized shirts are very “in” and I was not willing to spend money on something that we have at home anyway, so I just pulled out a shirt from my husband’s closet and folded and folded and folded, until it became a short sleeved shirt. And then the fun part: accessorising. The Moschino belt is so outstanding that elevates any look and the leo flats are so feminine that in my opinion they make everything look feminine. These little hairy flats are my new favourite wear for different occasions, they work perfect from day to night. I love them! Some gold chains to the wrists and a gold bottomed handbag, these accessories make this mannish style look girly enough for me. Do you agree? Share your thoughts!

From top to toe:

Sunglasses: Fendi

Shirt: Burberry man shirt – oversized shirt for girls

Jeans: Rag & Bone

Shoes: Sigerson Morrison

Bag: Alexander Wang

IMG_7921 IMG_7930 IMG_7937

I love the tricky design of this bag. It is so sleek, and then you look under it and… Perfect!
Au revoir mon chéri

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