March’s Five: White Bag, New Hair Style and Pajama

Spring makes me feel like I want to be reborn just like the nature, or at least renew myself in a lot of ways. It does not only mean new things for my closet but lifestyle changes as well. I feel very inspired and full of ideas, cross fingers it all works out the best way. Till dreams come true just come along and check out my inspirations of the month. Last time it was in October when I posted about my latest inspirations but I do not skip it anymore, cause -I blame the spring again- I feel highly inspired. This list could easily be called like my short wish- and to do -list of the month, collected through one of my favourite platform for inspirations, Instagram (do you follow me there?).

Make it white

Red bags are the absolute highlights of the season’s bag trends, but just typically being me, I can’t help to dream about a white handbag. More precisely about a white Chloe Hudson mini. But this denim-blue suede is also beautiful especially with the great styling Lena Terlutter wears it!

Cut it short(er)

I am looking for hair inspirations everywhere cause at the moment the thing on the top of my head is a catastrophe. Before I would get a drastically short pixie cut (like the one Kim got in Germany’s Next Top Model thanks to Heidi Klum video here) I would probably go for a shorter bob like the one that the adorable Candela Novembre has. What do you think?

A photo posted by @candelanovembre on

Wake up like this

The pajama day-to-night trend doesn’t seem that crazy anymore, looks like time has done its work on me again. Personally I am aiming for a pair of cigaret pants and robe style top. Brand to know: F.R.S For Restless Sleepers. Still shy to wear a very much pajama looking pajama.

A photo posted by F.R.S (@forrestlesssleepers) on

Slippers up

After the furry Gucci slippers revolutionised several closets now there are the less wild looking still very much trendy slippers. And it is still Gucci who makes the best of them! And Lisa-Marie Mewes capturing them beautifully.

Long dress

I have been searching the one for months now. Still couldn’t find it (at least not for the price I would pay for it). My romantic self would love to wear a long, flowery dress, with long arms and flowing fabric.. Like this one on Maybe you have an idea for me?

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