Mastering mix and match: oversized dress and crystal earrings

Mix & match is my favourite part of dressing up. Designer pieces with street fashion, sporty with elegant or crystal earrings with oversized knits – this is the essence of creative styling. Sometimes there are things that you think don’t fit, but then you try them on and for some weird reasons they look perfect. And the best thing is that mastering mix & match is no rocket science.

crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9854
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

The other day I have found these crystal earrings (I am wearing on the pictures) which I have in my jewellery box for like 2 years and I wore it probably once, on a black tie event. Then I just tried them on, wearing a chunky turtle neck knit, and I really liked how the two looked together. So now I kind of burn in crystal earrings fever. I want to wear them with everything. Cause they kind of fit to everything don’t you think so?

More crystal earrings

And actually this is the secret of mastering mix & match. Before you say that things do not fit, you should just give them a try. Literally. Try them on! It is sometimes so surprising how things go well together, even if in your head it was an impossible pairing. Just take a look at the sweatpants trend: wearing sweatpants with heels sounds very weird (and there are people who still would not wear them together – I am also shy to wear hardcore striped sweatpants with Louboutines) but there are ways to pull the trend without hassle.

Try them on!

Trying and experimenting is fun, so why not do it without boarders. It is also good to try different items from the same style, cause for example I have other crystal earrings that I have tried with the same clothes and they were not really good together. But I think the final look with these crystal earrings is complete. Do you like it? Do you mix & match? x

What I Wear

Knit dress: Zara (similarSilk lace dress: Faith Connextion Booties: Prada (similar) Bag: Saint Laurent Crystal earrings: Kenneth Jaye Lane


crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9980 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9830 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9905 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9981 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-0006 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9927 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9938 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-0007 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-0033 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-0012 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-9917 crystal earrings-knit-dress-oversized-dress-lace-dress-0017

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