Microblading and beautiful jewellery

Do you know microblading? So I have done it. I was preparing myself for doing it for like over a year, but my fear of pain was always bigger than my will to sharpen the character of my face. For those who are not familiar with it: microblading is a kind of permanent make-up, used for defining your eyebrows. A professional uses tiny needles to add pigment to your skin, making your daily beauty routine much shorter as you don’t need to colour your eyebrows anymore. It is a perfect for people like me, who doesn’t use much make up most of the time. Cause your eyebrows look defined even when you do nothing with them. The procedure hurts tho, just like tattoo. And its on your face which is even more sensitive. Hopefully my skin keeps the pigments for over a year and a half, so till then I don’t have to touch my eyebrows (other than shaping them once in a while).

On this picture microblading was still fresh (3 days old) so it looks much darker than it is now. After like 7 days the massive colour comes off of your skin, leaving your eyebrows look beautifully natural and in shape. I definitely happy with the result, I would do it again! Any experiences with microblading?

I don’t wear make up here, but my current favourite earrings. I am totally into crystals and sparkle, check out my little selection of tiny and bright earrings which will look beautiful on you, with or without microblading. xx

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