Military jacket and all denim

There are two trends currently which do not necessarily need shopping: military jacket and fringed denim. Military jackets are repeatedly coming back to trend so most likely you already have one somewhere deep inside your closet and fringed denim is a trend that can easily be produced at home out of an old denim (more about it soon in a new post). So it is really worth to do that spring cleanse in your closet if you haven’t done it yet 😉 .

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All images: Anny Opi

Military jackets are quite sporty but there is always a way to turn it around and make them look more feminine with the right accessories. One way is to put heels on. This always helps to transform basic looks like jeans and t-shirt – which I wear quite often.

The other accessory is a belt that changes the whole style of a military jacket. This one I wear from Forte Forte (got it at my last visit to the Caribbean) is a great choice because as you see I am wearing like a million two layers, so my waist is not exactly the same size as without jacket. And if you don’t want to buy belts only for putting them over your outerwear then a belt with elastic back is the right thing to use. It is tanned leather in the front (also very versatile colour) and black elastic band in the back. Doesn’t fit over a winter coat but handles two layers pretty well.

That is pure coincidence that the colour of the belt and part of the Celine trapeze bag (classic!) is very similar, I like the resemblance a lot! And that is it! I really think this looks is feminine enough despite of the rough military jacket and all denim look under it. Do you agree?

What I Wear:

Military jacket: Streffen Schraut (similarDenim shirt: Current/Elliot Fringed denim: MSGM Sandals: Givenchy Bag: Celine Belt: Forte Forte (similarSunglasses: Gucci (similar)

military jacket and fringed denim-99

In case you don’t have one:

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