My 7 favourite street-style inspirations on Instagram

We all use different sources for inspiration but when it comes to fashion I still find Instagram to be working the best for me. Beside of the most obvious street style icons such as Alexa Chung (@chungalexa 1.8m followers),  or the absolute street style phenomenon Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni 3.9m followers) there are a lot of other beautiful Instagram profiles to merit attention. I am introducing now seven Instagram profiles which personally I find absolutely inspiring. Come along.

1. Nicole Warne @garypeppergirl

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Source: Instagram

If I had to describe my absolute favourite fashion blogger then I would say she is the perfect girl with perfect taste and with perfect haircut. It is not just worth it but a must to check out The Gary Pepper Girl blog as well, because not only the photos of this Australian beauty are mesmerising but her writing style exposes a very beautiful person at heart as well.

2. Julie Sariñana @sincerelyjules

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Source: Instagram

Actively present in the blog-sphere since 2009 Sincerely Jules takes us to fantastic places around the world, and she always does it with a non-replicable, cool style. All of her photos carry a special mood, something light, something harmonious, something that makes you feel: life is beautiful. And she is always so beautifully tanned which makes it obvious that life is sunny at her side of the globe (lol). J’adore!

3. Charlotte G. @thefashionguitar

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Source: Instagram

Dedicated wife and mother of two, this Dutch girl, living in New York is very inspiring to a lot of us who tries to find balance between family and career. By her Instagram profile (and blog) one can clearly see that nothing is impossible: multitasking between fashion weeks, representing brands and taking care of a family is “only” the question of organising. And her style is even more adorable than her management skills.

4. Michelle R. @cremedemichelle

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Source: Instagram

She is one of the less known accounts (but over 6000 Instagram followers), still pretty high on my personal inspiration list. There is something sentimental about the looks and travel photos of this New Yorker girl. Not only her hair style reflects a taste of retro but I haven’t seen any other bloggers lately who can so authentically pull the 70’s look like her. Plus she has nice travel photos on her blog as well.

5. Rebecca Fredrikkson @rebfre

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Source: Instagram

This Scandinavian cool girl gives us a real taste of nordic beauty. More like a lifestyle blog her account is full of energy and happiness. Looking at her photos makes me smile and gives every single time a good portion of positive energy. Beautiful smile btw!

6. Amanda Shadforth @oraclefoxblog

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.12.17
Source: Instagram

Stylist and photographer Amanda Shadforth has an amazing profile. Looking at her perfect account (or perfect website) it is clear: this girl knows how to impress. Consequently used filters makes her Instagram look breathtakingly stylish. She is my idol of the mastered mixture of feminine, bohemian and cool. And her travel photos give always great ideas about where to go next.

7. Sara Donaldson @harperandharley

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.19.59
Source: Instagram

She loves all 50 shades of red lipstick and she is not afraid to show her perfect make up with countless close ups on her Instagram account. Sara Donaldson is not only beautiful but she is a very active Australian fashion blogger, currently being cast member of a reality show about fashion bloggers (pity we can’t watch it here in Europe). Plus she has a very sophisticated style I adore. Minimalistic looks and only a few colours (mostly black, grey and beige) are her unmistakable trademarks and of course her innocent, warm eyes. I heart.


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