Necklaces that make every outfit party-ready

There is no better time to make our jewellery shine than the party season right around us. As we, women do not want to look the same on every event, one must be a creative to avoid to break the piggy bank – nobody wants to wear the same dress on two following occasions, right? And that is exactly why I appreciate the oh-so-trendy statement jewellery. A well chosen necklace for instance, elevates the most average look and what is even better: two different statement pieces might give a complete different look to the same dress. Accessorise, accessorise!

Image: Gianni Turillazzi / Condé Nast Collection

Of course the price range is very wide, but I find it important not to be too tight with money when it comes to jewellery (and shoes and bags – oh my). Of course there are a lot of “trendy” pieces that you most likely will wear only for one season, but timeless pieces are worth the investment. When I am buying a more expensive necklace, my mantra is that it will be my daughter’s later. It helps 🙂 .. Anyway, back to the party season I have collected a few different styles and different prices. Pearls are timeless, they are the ultimate elegance and sophistication, however this pink version is pretty funky, isn’t it? Fringes are huge this season, and they look really good as a necklace too! I totally can imagine to wear this fringed necklace with a bandeau dress! The longer version of necklaces are perfect for day and night, I like that they give a kind of bohemian hint to every look. And then the chokers.. I am aware of that a choker is not necessarily everybody’s cup of tea, but I am a fan as you already know. I find all these necklaces beautiful and being able to make every outfit party-ready! Click on the necklace if you like to see where to get it! Have a fantastic party season, ladies! x

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