New year, new me – stylish with DVT

This might be the most personal post you have seen from me until now, but special occasions calls for special posts, right? And the beginning of 2018 turned out to be quite special for me. Last Christmas I was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and a few weeks later I had a life saving surgery. Without going into too much details I must say: I felt reborn in January but also my life has changed completely since.

Those who are familiar with DVT know that nothing seems to be the same after you are diagnosed. It is not only a physical trial but mental as well. Beside of the pain, swollen extremities and other several complications, DVT may also cause you having fear to suddenly loose your life. A blog clot can break off any time and close an important artery in your body, and you just can’t do anything about it. You take your blood-thinner medications, wear compression garments and hope that nothing bad will happen.

The first month I was devastated, I felt sorry for myself and couldn’t believe this is happening to me. I was regular visitor of nightshifts in the local hospital, cause I panicked during the night when I started to cough or thought to have other symptoms of embolism, heart attack and so on. I didn’t get out of the house really, I was constantly reading about DVT, I couldn’t focus on doing anything here on my blog and slowly started to go mad. DVT took my life over. This had to come to an end.

Living in constant fear is no life at all.

One and a half month went by like this, when I decided to change and try to live as before, do my things the best I can with my condition and ignore everything that makes me feel “sick”. I had to reset my mind and come back to life. The first thing I decided to do was a travel. One big fear of everyone with DVT. Relatively fresh after my diagnosis I was on an over 6 hours plane ride to the sun. People said I was crazy. It is too early. I shouldn’t do it. To be honest I was not even sure myself, if it was a good idea. But I wanted to feel alive. I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to prove that my life hasn’t changed (that much). So I prepared well, talked to my doctor about the trip and he made me feel safe about the whole thing. And soon I found myself on an airplane, drinking over 2 litres of water in 6 hours, walking up and down on the aisle in every half an hour and feeling just all right.

Until I reached this point mentally, I was trying to hide my compression stockings, did not talk about my condition to anyone but my family and closest friends, tried to pretend like nothing happened. My condition was especially disturbing for me as a fashion blogger, cause my swollen leg and wearing compression garments just make dressing stylish a little more challenging. But only if you want to hide it. So it was time to change that too. It was time for me to return to my Insta friends and tell my little story, and just do whatever I did before, only this time I needed to include DVT. Cause that is also part of my life now.

And I did so. I was documenting my whole trip with short videos and photos (you can still find them in my Instagram highlights on my profile), told about how I do style with my compression stockings, shared few tips about how I cope with the heat with my DVT and so on. Cause someone else might have the same questions I had/have after DVT and my experiences might help. So why not build a community where all ladies and gents suffering from DVT but having  interest in fashion and style can add their personal stories. Can give advices and tips.

It is not only about looking good. It is about feeling good.

I have already got a lot of kind responses and if you feel like you would like to join, just do it here in comments or over on Instagram, share your story, share what you do/wear/eat to feel better, or share whatever you feel could support everyone with DVT.

#STYLISHWITHDVT is the hashtag that we all can use for sharing and caring.

If you want to know more about how flying after DVT works or about how to enjoy a warm vacation with swollen legs feel free to ask anything in the comments, I would be glad to to share with you my personal experiences.

Wish you well you all lovely peeps!

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