NEW YORK special: Best spots for cake, tea and drinks in Manhattan

I already told you what restaurants I most like in Manhattan. But lunch and dinner places can be left out of attention when you get to know the right places for cake, coffee and drinks. Of course there is an existing ocean of such places and finding the right ones would feel like looking for a red grain of sand on the beach. So here is what I did not seek for at the first place but what I adjudged to be deliciously the right thing to do when in Manhattan.

Lady M

41 East 78th Street

On the beautiful and almost unreal seemingly Upper Eastside you have the feeling of spending money by just window shopping, heading down the avenues after a whole day of Metropolitan Museum. The greatest boutiques are standing side by side on Madison Avenue, and just when you think you can not walk by this anymore without getting a heart attack you turn into one of the numbered side streets, on 78th street for example. You will find another boutique but one that is different from what you might know. Lady M is for sure the first Cake boutique I have seen. Mille Crêpe cake is their specialty and their chiefs are permanently defining the recipes. A place you do not want to leave without a sweet something. And after a Metropolitan-Marathon you deserve it.

Now eat the cake, … .
No, I did not eat the cake. At least not both. // Chestnut Cream Cake and Dark Chocolate with Fleur de Sel
Chestnut Cupcakes and Mille Crêpe Cake

The Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street

For all of those who are as SATC infiltrated as I am a must when you are in the West Village. And since the West Village is one of my favorite areas I could not stand but take a look. The Magnolia bakery is as vintage and traditional as we know it from the times Kerry and Miranda were sitting in front eating Red Velvets. So here is the thing: if you just do not want to spend money on sugar, you should grab a coffee. Or buy sugar for a friend. Remember, it is Magnolia sugar which is equal to magic. Or, you get over it and enjoy yourself. Regrets are unsuitable.

Do not walk by
Gingerbread Month, OMG!
Miranda and Kerry.

Harney & Sons

433 Broome Street

Oh, Soho. My other love, and another addiction that is way better than permanent sugar shocks. Harney & Sons is my very favorite Tea Store in the whole wide world. I would even prefer it over Kusmi. I never though I would say something like this, but yes. Apart from the incredible teas themselves they are packed up in beautiful metal boxes who take me back to the times when I thought, I have to collect anything beautiful. They even have tea times over the day, and between Soho shopping you can sit in the back of the store to enjoy freshly brewed Harney & Sons tea.

Paris and Winter Earl Grey are my current favorites
Anything that makes tea even better


398 West Broadway

Classic, and yes I like to go with the flow sometimes. There is not much to say, but Ladurée is like an enchanted forest, a wonderland for the ones who love the detail. Just make sure you visit the oldy goldy store in Soho on West Broadway because this is as authentic as it can get. In New York.

Rose & Raspberry beauty with our favorite Macarons
Oh my, oh my.
The special Christmas Pineapple edition. Who needs a Christmas tree when you can get a pineapple?


14 Spring Street

After-Sugar-Hours are great at RinTinTin which I adore for the name and the label and the drinks and the everything. A fantastic bar in Nolita, with great Margaritas, an Adonis as bartender and a great menu for the ones who need a base. Try tbe rose pepper Margarita. It is worth it.

Enjoying the Highline before walking my favorite streets in the West Village // Image: Yan C. for SILKsofine // Scarf – KENZO / Fur Coat – Vintage / Bag – 3.1 Philipp Lim / Shoes _ Geox

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