New York Special: My personal Best of Restaurants in Manhattan

A very dear friend of mine always tells me that you can have two lovers and she meant that it is totally okay to love Berlin and to love New York too. And even though it might never be balanced it indeed is one love coming from the inside. Berlin is where my body is and New York is where my heart is. That is why I visited the city after not being there for 2 years. And I love it even more.

The City // All Images: Julia Langenhan for SILKsofine

I could possibly split my New York into a million different pieces, writing my soul out about each of them. I will not do that because you should never split all the fantastic things up. What I will do is splitting it up for you, dear reader, to give you an insight on what restaurants and cafes are very worth spending money on in Manhattan, and I will tell you my very favorite places to shop in a third episode. So here are my personal food cravings you should not miss when you get the chance to dip into the energy of NYC.

Jack’s Wife Freda

224 Lafayette Street

Jack’s Wife Freda is exactly situated between Nolita and Soho and it might be the loudest restaurant in whole Manhattan. That one thing what makes it so worth visiting. Zapping around all the conversations surrounding you while enjoying a perfect fusion of Mediterranean and American classics, fantastic Mint tea and most lovely servers. And the place is so small that you have to move tables to get in and out of the hands of Jack’s wife Freda.

Favorite Restaurant in East Soho

The Smile

26 Bond Street

If you do not know Upper Soho by heart you should just make sure you do not miss The Smile by accidentally walking Bond Street until the end. Because Bond Street is like 25 meters long. The Smile is right in the middle in such a lovely place that once you get in you will never want to leave ever again. Melia Marden, who is the owner of the restaurant cooks with organic and mostly local products. New American and classy food. The Kale Salad and the Balsamico Chicken are my new best friends.

Kale Salad and Sweet Potatos in THE SMILE
Surrounding Brownstones
Balsamico Chicken


200 Mott Street

Mott Street, Mulberry Street and all the crossing ones is the area where I practically spend all of my time. And Epistrophy is for sure the most visited restaurant on my list. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner OR drinks, it is so incredibly personal and rich in detail that it feels good to spend some money there. The menu is equally perfect, regarding design and offer.

Loving the Sunday Jazz Series
Detail love
Characteristic greenish windows

Cafe Gitane

242 Mott Street

A few brownstone houses further north there is this small blue wooden framed restaurant with the beautiful name Café Gitane. Obviously French you get the best Croissants for breakfast and the most incredible Caramelized Banana Cream Tarte. They do have great wines as well.

You will not miss this one

Two Hands

164 Mott Street

I said I love this area. That is why Two Hands is also on Mott Street. I thought I am only going there because all the Australian servers are as hot as Australian Adonises can be, but no! And I swear they do have great coffee and freaking amazing Egg Benedict with smashed Avocado. AND: possibly the best Banana bread in town.

Based on the Heath Ledger Movie
Always changing menu

Butcher’s Daughter

19 Kenmare Street

Same neighborhood, equally hot servers and food. Butcher’s daughter has one of the best cold-pressed juices in town. My personal favorite is the Hangover with fresh cilantro and the Monkey Brass that fusions Almond Milk with Banana, Maca and Peanut Butter. They have caramelized beets and an incredible interior. Always crowded and always mind-blowing.

Favorite beets
Love the scenery

There are a lot more restaurants that are worth a visit. Especially in Brooklyn e.g. the WYTHE Hotel, Roberta’s or Five Leaves. You can’t but you should have it all.

Favorite of all favorites. I suggest a walk through Central Park when you have the feeling to be carrying around a food-baby… // Image: Yan C. for SILKsofine // Outfit: Coat and Hat – Vintage / Pants – J. Crew / Cashmere Turtle Neck – Brooks Brothers / Bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim


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