Not to miss during the Holidays: the big winter sale

After being jolly, bright and merry all the way at Christmas, I very strongly felt the urge to take a look at the ongoing sale. Until now I had absolutely no time to check out what is for a better price now from my wish lists (I always have them ready on my favourite online stores) and of course now when I checked it, most of my favourites are already sold out. But still not too late, actually the biggest sale starts now, sometimes up to 70%. So come along, maybe we find something for you too 😉 .

The knit

Winter is far not over but already there are a lot of great knits on sale. I am an oversized style fan, but for skirts a nice fine knit, tucked in fits perfectly. You find both and more in this selection.

The coat

It is really good to wait sometimes for the winter sale to start before you buy a new coat for the cold. There are such a great finds for a much better price than originally. My heart totally goes out for this Chloe coat.

The bag

Bags are not specifically winter sale items, still there are wonderful surprises from the last season. It is really worth it to check out the upcoming trends, and not to get a very outstanding, memorable style from the last season, cause you do not want to be the girls who obviously wears last season looks. Unless there is something you are hopelessly in love with. Then it is totally ok.

The (New Years Eve) dress

No better time than the winter sale to choose your dress for the big party! This season is about sequins, silk and some more trends (check them here), hopefully this helps you to choose your outfit for the big night.

The heels

Block heels are still my number one choice and/or flats. But lately I have some unexplainable desire for classic, pointy toe heels, like this one on my Instagram feed. Plus I have a weakness for suede. Cant help it. But patent leather or glitter are more than welcome, cause New Years Eve is ahead.


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