October’s five +1 – News, glamour and James Bond

Although September is January in fashion for me October was a real crazy, sparkling month, full with inspirations, including James Bond. I already feel how fast the end of the year is approaching, somehow before Christmas everything speeds up, don’t you think so? I love this time of the year not only because of the beautiful colours of the nature but because a lot of things are happening in the fashion world – although for some reasons a lot of surprising things have happened this month, like the change in the front of Lanvin, Raf Simons left Dior, editor-in-chief Annette Weber is leaving InStyle Germany and more. Anyhow, October was anything but not boring, check out my main inspirations from the month behind.


Needless to say, the upcoming collection is just breathtaking, probably my favourite of all design x H&M collaborations. Absolutely stunning, glamorous details, representing the unmistakable Balmain army.

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2. Fur (faux fur) collar

Still retro and I still love it. Big (faux) fur collars are one of my favourite accessories for winter, they can elevate any look instantly. Wearing it over a coat or just over a top gives a fresh and very stylish impression.


3. The slingback

This is something I can not explain. Chanel’s classic elegance is taking over every generation. To be completely honest these slingback are reminding me to my grandma’s footwear, still the more I look at them more I want them. Granny chic is the best in Chanel.

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4. Oversized of the oversize

Volume, texture and colour – these are all my favourites about this knit cardigan. This photo was made at Etsy, check out what you can get there, Christmas is coming.

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5. I-woke-up-like-this hair

Oh well, I just have got a bang myself and I need to get used to how to actually wear it. This style is the goal, I just love this careless, out-of-bed messy look.

+1  Bond, James Bond

I really think Daniel Craig represents a dream man, not only because of the latest 007 movie which is coming to the cinemas next week, but because in one of his interviews he proved he is a real gentleman in real life as well. He handles sexist questions about women just as James Bond would handle life-threatening criminals: killed them, with licence. Best Bond ever. (read the full story here)

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