Off the Shoulder – style report

I find off the shoulder tops (or dresses) simply ultra-feminine. They create a fragile silhouette. Also off the shoulder tops are timeless, maybe we can see sometimes more or sometimes less of them on the street, but they never really fade away. They appear time to time on feminine girls, sometimes even accentuated by a high hairdo, to show even more of the bare shoulders. I especially like the combination of this special cut off the shoulder top with tight leather pants and pointy toe short boots in the colour of the trend. A wide-brimmed hat is more than welcome to this set, being a new fan I could wear a hat for everything now. The simplicity of the colours allows (screams for!!) to wear bold necklace and cuff, so don’t be shy to put on some statement pieces. Do you wear off the shoulder tops (dresses)?

Off the Shoulder


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