Old Dress – New Look

In my last (and first) outfit inspiration I used the same shoes, this time I am going to use the same dress – or at least half of the same dress- for two different outfits. Creating a completely different look with a little layering and un-layering is fun and every single time it is a new experiment. The best part of it: you don’t need to buy always something new when you want a new look. This is what I did with an old dress for a new look keeping in mind all the trends of summer 2014: sheer, oversized, cutout and monochrome.

The before and after picture from left to right. Just making sure. // All images: Maggie Hoffmann for SILKsofine

Let me tell you what happened here: I had an old dress in my wardrobe. I actually always liked this dress but worn it a few times only. It is a little black dress, with 2 separated parts: a silk under-dress and a tulle dress on the top. For a new look I simply used the top dress and left the silk under-dress behind. For wild times I can imagine to wear the tulle dress with nothing else than a black body (very Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Katy Perry) -or for adult content without anything- under it (wink-wink). However I am sure (few of) you agree that the most appropriate for example for a vernissage  is a little more layer above the tulle dress. I went for an oversized shirt with embellished stones – could actually have get a simple white shirt from my husband but talking about embellishements I have chosen a nice shirt from N°21. Timeless piece, will be used a lot I am sure.

The shoes from Aquazzura are like gloves (similar feeling like in the last ones from Balenciaga): soft and comfortable despite of the 10 cm heels. I wanted to give a little colour to the outfit so I used a box-book-clutch that has on each sides different colours (Oscar Wilde is one of my very favourites. Have you read the The Happy Prince and Other Tales? Fantastic collection, not only for children!). I like the Fendi sunglasses for this outfit, it is characteristic and breaks the overall elegance.

To see what I am talking about just click through the gallery.

I absolutely enjoy looks and pieces which are so simple for first sight but with a closer look reveal something special. This style is a simple monochrome outfit but the details like a tulle skirt or the embellishment on the shirt make it much more interesting than one would think. How do you like it?



Sunglasses: Fendi

Shirt: N°21 or similar without embellishment

Skirt: old one – similar

Shoes: Aquazzura

Clutch: Kate Spade – similar

Ring: Pomellato – similar

Bracelet: Ole Lynggard – similar





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