On trend for fall: midi skirts and glitter

I changed my opinion about skirt lengths lately but I really don’t think it is anything to do with what my grandmother used to say:

“You know the age of a women when you look at the length of her skirt.”

No, I am not ageing, only I go with the flow and follow trends, okay?! (lol) Tho I have gone through several changes this year (love yourself) and one of the changes I take is that I started to like midi skirts.

midi skirt golden-goose-glitter-skirt-1779
Photos: Anny Opi

I always thought it is only girls with extremely think ankles who look good in midi skirts. Although the length is tricky I have changed my mind about it. Everyone can actually look good in midis. It is not about the length. The more important question is the shape of the skirt.. and pencil skirts are amazing on very body shape (with curves even better). Makes legs look longer and flatters. With the trend of mixing and matching styles pencil skirts are fabulous either with sneakers or heels, a really versatile investment. Plus a little glitter and I am a fan forever 😉 . You like?

What I Wear

Biker jacket: Joseph T-shirt: Madewell Midi skirt: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Bag: Saint Laurent Sunglasses: Dior

More cool midi skirts


midi skirt golden-goose-glitter-skirt-1885 midi skirt golden-goose-glitter-skirt-1741 midi skirt golden-goose-glitter-skirt-1844 midi skirt golden-goose-glitter-skirt-1868 midi skirt golden-goose-glitter-skirt-1793
midi skirt

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