Outstanding minimalist look

The reason why I am extremely attached to this minimalist look is the unbelievably liberating feeling to slip into a featherlight dress and wearing no accessories at all – except a clutch. So pure, so clean cut yet very far from a simple attire. It is all about feelings.

minimalis look -6611
Photos: Anny Opi

When I (officially) started my journey in the world of style I was not sure what exactly my very own style was. Today I would say I am around 91,4% there. I have always had a thing for elegance and minimalism but I like to experiment with completely new things as well and my curious nature results sometimes looks that are mine only for that one occasion and never again. However a minimalist look, like this one, is timeless for me, it feels just right wearing it, and I am sure I can look at the pictures decades later as well, knowing that I did it right. Cause I feel complete in it.

I wear only three things (not counting my underwear, but you don’t need any under this dress anyway 😉 ):

– a slightly “A line”, tri-color slip dress from Zara

– a pair of strap sandals by Givenchy

– a beautiful clutch from the latest collection of Celine.

No jewellery, only some oh-so-naturell make up. Effortless, comfortable, minimalist and very feminine. What do you think? Would you add something to this look?

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