Over the knee boots saga

Undoubtedly the jolly joker of my shoe-closet is a pair of over the knee boots, cause they are not only on trend but they go with everything (kinda). Leaving the jeans in my closet as long as I can and wear skirts and shorts as long as I can has never been easier and more comfortable ever.

All images: Anny O. for SILKsofine

I promise I will not post every single time an outfit with over the knee boots but it is a fact that I seriously wear them a lot. Cause they are just unbelievably comfortable and I love the fact that I still can wear skirts and shorts without endangering my health (although I am still not wearing stockings on these pictures and it was not only foggy but freakin’ cold lol). At the same time I do not know if you have the same problem, but my over the knees are somewhat wide on my thighs (and I am not the “tiniest-thighs type” of girl) and they tend to slide down when I am walking. Maybe it is different when I wear stockings, don’t know yet. It is actually pretty difficult to buy the right over the knee boots: some of them is too wide on the thighs and others are way too tight – for example there is this great style form Isabel Marant but strictly for size XS thighs. These pair I am wearing is really a good one but I wish it stays up, maybe there is a trick you know how to stick it up there? xx

What I Wear:

Beret: old Jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim Knit top: Mango Shorts: T by Alexander Wang

Over the knee boots: Opening Ceremony Bag: Chanel


Get the Look:

IMG_7931 IMG_7945 IMG_7845 IMG_7765

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