Packing for a beach vacation

To all of you, who sits in your offices: dreaming a few minutes a day about places you want to be helps a lot to get through the less interesting or under-motivated days. I talk from experience. Try it! You can start with my packing list to get into the mood 😉 .

beach vacation

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I am not even near to go for a beach vacation at the moment but I am so much in the mood for it. On summer time me and my family do not travel much to warmer places cause we actually live by the sea. Only, this sea (Baltic) is cold also in the summer. Here in the north of Germany it is never hot, rather warm (always under 30 Celsius) and also there is no guarantee for a stable dry weather. However it looks absolutely beautiful here and you can spend great time on the beach when the weather plays with. Still… I am a hot weather and ocean lover and at the moment I am dreaming about the beaches of the Maldives, Caribbean or Hawaii (soon again!!!)… our favourite destinations, way too rarely visited.. Either way I made this packing-list and even just to browse what to pack has brought me into that oh-so-missed vacay feeling.

Do you have a trick to get through those days? What gives you motivation?

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