The ultimate packing stylish list for 1 week vacation

I am travelling to Positano (follow my trip on Instagram) and that means packing stylish ladies and gents! As I am tending to bring always way too much stuff with me for vacation lately I have got totally into organised packing. It means I use a packing list, depending on where I go and how long I stay. Packing by a prepared list makes my life so much easier since I have to pack not only for myself but for my little girl as well. For her I don’t make a packing list tho 🙂 .

Packing stylish

My packing lists really depend on where and how long I travel. Obviously the climate decides what I need more, bikinis or sweaters. But it also matters where I travel, cause you need different things to have a stylish vacay for example on the Caribbean, at the Arctic circle, on Ibiza or for now in Positano. Cultures are beautifully different and I like to pick up local habits.

Packing stylish


As I have never been in Positano I looked up local websites to find out how local life is there and it seems to be that easy chic is the best way to describe the dressing style. The temperature is around 30 Celsius in August and that means a lot of poplin and canvas. Also Positano lays on the coast of Amalfi and that means flats. We go for 1 week so we will not need much, wearing less is better in those conditions and anyway, I like to leave space in my luggage for local finds 😉 .

My ultimate packing stylish list for 1 week vacation on the Amalfi coast:

  • Swimwear – bikinis (4) / one pieces (3)
  • Underwear (8)
  • Dresses – maxi (2) / mini (3)
  • Beach dresses/coverups (4)
  • Shorts (2)
  • T-shirts / tops (4)
  • PJ (1)
  • Warmer coverup (2)
  • Mini handbags (2) / Beach-bag (1)
  • Flat sandals (2)
  • Wedges (1)
  • Sneakers (1)
  • Sunglasses (3)
  • Jewellery (only a few)
  • Beauty stuff

I am seriously following this list when I am packing, otherwise I will bring way too many things I wouldn’t use anyway. In case something important would be missing, I still can buy it there. Hope this little list helps you as well 🙂 . Till my travel report follows you can join me on this trip on Instagram and Snapchat (@silksofine)!

What is your way of packing stylish for a hot vacation? Would love to hear about it! xx


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