Partners for life: my five beauty classics

I am not usually participating in blogger-contests, but the latest one by Glossybox caught my attention. Not only because you can win a Fendi Baguette bag (value: 1700€ !! OMG) but because it is about beauty classics, a topic I could go on about forever. I am trying to keep it shorter now tho 😉 .

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I am very lucky to have a normal skin, no special problems with anything beauty related. Or at least I haven’t had any serious thing until I turned 36/became a mother. Can’t really tell what the exact reason could be, cause although they say pregnancy changes the whole way your body is working, unfortunately age does that too. So the point is that my skin has started to change and so my beauty closet had to go through a dramatical change as well. I, who barely used make up other than mascara before, had to learn words like concealer or practicing the real way of cleaning your face (before cleaning my face meant wash it with water). So beside of beauty classics like my safety net scent or an oil that I use for the whole family there is also make up on my list. Here we go:

1. Phyto Cernes Éclat by Sisley

The biggest change my skin went through is the pigmenting, thus a good concealer is crucial for me. Dark marks under the eyes and on my forehead need something to smooth the tone and without doubt the eye concealer from Sisley is doing the best job. Covers perfectly and seamlessly thus it became part of my beauty classics for a long time ago.

2. Photo-Touche Gel by Sisley

Also for the face I like to add some tinted glow, because despite of the darker basic tone my skin in general has, my face looks really pale sometimes. The phyto-touch gel (also Sisley) makes miracles with that! Healthy tone with a light glow makes my skin look radiant! I only can recommend.

3. Avocado Oil by St Barth

The avocado oil is my very favourite of the St. Barth products. It is perfect for the whole family, including children – for babies as well, but I did not use it for my little one cause it has a stronger scent and I preferred the typical “baby smell” on her. It smells like summer, so sometimes I use it only to cheer myself up, for example when the weather is bad outside. One drop on your wrist and you feel like you are on the beach.

4. 8 hours cream by Elisabeth Arden

The legendary 8 hours cream from Elisabeth Arden is a must have in my beauty closet. It is my jolly joker that I can’t imagine a day without. I use it for my lips, for shooting sunburnt, to give a glow to my legs or to soften my heels after being too much barefoot. It is just good for everything and anything that is related to dryness and this fact made it have a stable place in my beauty classics.

5. Zeste de Soleil byCartier

The name itself is perfection, isn’t it? The one and only unisex scent I have ever used. Not so long on the market (I use it for like three years now) but this is the one I can always go back when I have no clue what perfume I feel like wearing at summer time. It is a summer scent, light, flowery, I can only think of summer when wearing it. It is a happy maker just like the avocado oil, cheers me up every time! Have you every tried it?

I am always open to try new products so I am wondering what would you add to my list?

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