Positano fashion: summer looks for the Amalfi coast

After spending an amazing week in Positano (have you read my travel report?) I got a little insight into Positano fashion. I have never been at this part of Italy but I had an idea about what people wear around here and I added my own style to it. It was a family holiday, so I can’t show you all the looks I was wearing, but I gathered a few photos my husband took of me here and there. Hopefully this little sum up can already give you an idea about what to pack for your next trip to the Amalfi coast.

1. Maxi dress

positano fashion - maxi dress

No doubt that everyone needs a maxi dress (or more), it is light and breeze, perfect for he heat. I have found an amazing piece by Mes Demoiselles. It was really hard to get hands on it cause it was sold out very fast – good price, wonderful quality. However there are great alternatives for maxi dresses, most of it of course on sale now, at the end of summer.

2. The perfect kaftan

positano fashion - beach look 2

This kaftan is one of the pieces of the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection. Back at the time when I bought it I wasn’t completely sure where I could wear it, but it was so beautiful that I gave it a chance. And the Amalfi coast is just the perfect place for such an artistic piece. I fitted smoothly into the interior of the hotel we stayed at 🙂 . I wore the kaftan as a cover up for the beach, it was wonderful.

3. For the evening

positano fashion - evening look

The off the shoulder dress you already know, was of course the prettiest wear for the evening. Frills are essentials at the Amalfi coast where girls and boys are so romantic. I am in love with the Italian flair and this look made me feel very comfortable in the attire while sipping my Bellini at the bar.

4. Stylish bikini

positano fashion-7294

The style on the Amalfi coast is completely different than for example on Ibiza (which I also love). Here people embrace elegance and it is also true when it comes to beach wear. One pieces are very popular or stylish bikinis like this one by Zimmermann (looks amazing in orange as well) are the absolute hit. You will want a Panama hat as well, which you can get for a very decent price in the town of Positano 😉 .

5. Beach look

positano fashion - beach look 1

Taking it easy with light coverups and huge beach bags. I have found this bag in Positano and I am so glad I did. It has plenty of space which you need for all the stuff you want to bring to the beach. The hair band is Missoni (similar here), obviously popular in Italy, they have a very nice little shop in Positano.

6. Beach accessories

positano fashion-6777

The only special thing I would suggest you to take with you when you go to the Amalfi coast is a pair of jelly sandals. There are no sandy beaches and if you are not used to very hot stones under your bare feet, then you would definitely wear something that you can walk into the sea in. So glad I found these sandals by Givenchy cause they are not only useful but very stylish. Psst! I wear them not only for the beach 😉 .

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