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There is nothing in the world I like to do more with my family than travelling. Usually we prefer beach holidays at warm places like the Maldives or the Caribbean but this time our beautiful Europe was the destination. We did a dreamy Positano travel on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Making a short travel report about it will not be easy, but I try to stick to the most important things we experienced 🙂 . Outfits for the Amalfi coast follows soon, until enjoy!

Where we stayed: Villa TreVille

August is the main season for almost all the countries in Europe to have vacation and that is the reason why we usually stay home in this month. I am not a fan of crowded beaches and overbooked restaurants, rather prefer calm and if it is possible a bit secluded accommodations. Villa TreVille is probably the very best choice you can find right beside of Positano, with the most breathtaking view on the city and the Amalfi coast as well. It is a hidden gem with the most privacy one can get even in the busiest seasons.

Positano travel-6311
Villa TreVille on the rock

The resort formerly was the home of the fantastic director Franco Zeffirelli (since Romeo and Juliet he was a big favourite of mine) who has left his personal touch all over the place. Privacy is guaranteed, even when fully booked you do not sense anything else than the most peaceful days and nights. The resort is filled with private collections left behind by Zeffirelli, such as books or art pieces and you definitely have the most comforting feeling between those historical walls. Zeffirelli invited several artist or actor friends over when he lived here and the suits are stylishly named after the most frequent visitors and Zeffirelli’s operatic works. Every single suit is unique and I don’t have to say: truly amazing.

The resort has its own not-so-little garden, growing its own zucchinis, grapes, tomatoes and more. You also can be sure to have fresh eggs for your omelet in the morning because they have their own chickens as well. Loving it.

Positano travel-6127
View on Positano

Positano travel-6145

Positano travel-7044
Amazing interior details
positano travel VTV

Positano travel-6162
Positano travel-6201
Amalfi coast view from the backyard of the resort


Such a charming protected city, all the way up on the rocks. You can get there by car or by boat, both is an amazing experience. Beautiful old houses, tiny alleys, small local boutiques and a charming atmosphere. It is a very small city, but so much to see in every corner that it really is worth it to visit more times for not missing out hidden treasures.

The city gets very crowded at around 11 am, so if you want a calm walk you should be there earlier than that. The shops are open already from 9:30 am, and it is still really silent around that time. My favourites were the small local shops and of course all those porcelain stores you find in every corner. I love everything handcrafted and you find a lot of unique things in Positano. You even can have your very own sandals made in like 30 minutes in front of your eyes. Its getting kind of touristic tho, still it is a personalised souvenir if you like.

Talking to locals I have learned that the locals are very happy to have all the tourists. You can tell, cause everyone is very friendly despite of the sometimes overwhelming amount of people on the streets. Almost everyone living in Positano has something to offer: a place to stay, a shop or selling limoncello. But they also say that the best time to visit is in September, when the main vacation time is over in Italy and Positano gets silent. The weather is still very beautiful and the streets are not so crowded anymore.

If you have a place to stay in the city, prepare for hard walk with your luggage in hand, cause most of the accommodations are simply not accessible by car.

Positano travel-7073 Positano travel-6337

Positano travel
Handmade sandals in 30 minutes. You can design your own!

Positano travel-6340

Positano travel
Lemons in every form: limoncello, chocolate, home scent or whatever you like

Positano travel-6620

Positano travel-6630


Positano has one big beach to offer and one smaller one near to it. Both is pretty full at all times. If you want a calmer beach, the best near to Positano (5 minutes by boat) is the Beach Club owned by Villa TreVille. It is a public beach but not many people know about it, also it is out of sight, so you can be lucky and have a not too crowded beach time. Just as we had there. Plus their kitchen is amazing!

Prepare for no sandy beaches, if you are sensitive for stones, better to have one of those jelly sandals when you want to walk on the beach or go into the water. My Givenchy jelly sandals did the most amazing job!

Alternatively a few resorts like Villa TreVille have their own beach platforms right at the hotel, with possibility to climb (or jump) into the water.

Positano travel-6206
The beach platform at Villa TreVille
Positano travel-6135
View from our terrace to one of the smaller beaches
The main beach at Positano from above and from the water
Positano travel-6230
Villa TreVille Beach Club
Positano travel-7304
Restaurant impression at the Beach Club

What everyone loves to do in Italy: eat delicious

You can find Italian kitchen all over the world but you can’t eat such a perfect Italian food as in Italy. I can’t decide if it is something to do with the heat there but everything tastes just much better than anywhere else. Every ingredients are fresh, everyone has a little garden for the most important veggies and fruits.

Positano travel-6746
Restaurant at Villa TreVille

I love Italian kitchen anyway, but in Positano I fall in love with it again and again. There is one very important thing about the best foods: simplicity. You don’t need much more for a great cuisine than fresh ingredients and passion. And that is guaranteed in Italy.

Beside of the tomato the other typical local veggie is zucchini. They have traditional pasta made only with zucchini and olive oil – so delicious. Also we have learnt that you get the most delicious locally produced mozzarella at Positano. And of course Limoncello. They make their own. Its so tricky, cause it doesn’t taste like a strong drink, but if you are not careful you end up publicly singing Azzuro before the sun goes down. I almost did 🙂 .

Local wine and not only the name of it
Positano travel-6142
Bresaola filled with ricotta cheese
positano travel salad
Simplicity: rucola – tomato – parmesan cheese salad and rucola with parma ham and figs

positano travel fish Positano travel-6439 Positano travel-6811

With helicopter over Naples, the Vesuvius, Pompeii and Capri

We did a one hour helicopter ride above the area – it was beautiful. I have never flown helicopter before but I would definitely do it again. It was a nightmare to find the helipad tho, cause it is really hidden somewhere in Sorrento, 45 minutes car drive from Positano.

Positano travel-6976

You can choose between different things you want to see. You can fly only over the Amalfi coast or do a little more cultural trip like we did and see Pompeii and Naples from above. Pompeii is a must see anyway but I guess this was the best way to skip the crowd and the walk in the heat and see how exactly the city looked back than. Extremely organised, so amazing.

We were flying the nearest we could to the Vesuvius, the sleeping volcano. It is pretty difficult to get real close or even above the crater, cause usually the top is covered by clouds. It was no different when we were up there, so I only could capture the sleeping dragon from far. Still, it is crazy to think of that people still living right on the Vesuvius. I have learned that the price of a land is very cheap there (no wonder) and the ground is the very best for any agricultural activity. The most delicious tomatoes come from there!

We also have seen the infamous rocks of Capri from above, very impressive. It is a very pretty island with limited access to the ocean. Still they have an amazing and very unique emerald coloured bay. It is a very popular destination, accessible only by boat.

Until next time, beautiful Amalfi coast!
positano travel heli Positano travel-6913 Positano travel-6912 Positano travel-6917 positano travel Capri Positano travel-6964

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