Postcard from One & Only Reethi Rah

Travelling is just the very best thing I can imagine to do for opening our minds, widening our knowledge or just simply for relaxing and getting some vitamin D that is missing so much at winter time at home. I write this post from the Maldives, One & Only Reethi Rah resort (have you seen my travels reports from the Maldives before?). Till I can tell you more about this dreamy travel, check out my Instagram and there my Intsa Stories, and for now I am sending you this postcard with love.


Dear Friends,

we arrived to the Maldives safe and sound, it was a really long but smooth flight. You would have been proud of me, I was really ok on the plane, I kept my fear of flying totally under control.

We have arrived in pouring rain but right on the next day the sun started to shine and since then every day has been beautiful. Wish you could see this all here, the colour of the water is just so different than anywhere else. It looks exactly like on the photo. We do nothing more than relaxing, reading, swimming – Maya, my little girl doesn’t want to get out of the water ever. We have the best food, the kindest staff around us and just beauty, wherever we look.

Cant wait to tell you more when we are back home!

Till then sending you a lot of love,

Dolna & family


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