Power of accessories: transform your look with one move

You already must know how obsessed I am with accessorising. I enjoy the power of accessories to effortlessly transform looks. Such a power can be really handy when for instance you have no time to change your whole outfit between events or have not much space in your luggage for too many outfits when you travel. A well chosen accessory can save you stress and can give you comfort. It is always about those pretty little things in life.

Photos: Anny Opi

Are you an “outfit packer” when you travel or you just put in your luggage whatever pieces you like the most?

I am an “outfit packer”. Kind of. I plan full outfits to take with me but I always pack some extra favourites, cause dressing for my mood overwrites any earlier planned outfits. This attitude can make things run out of control and result in way overpacked luggages and there is still no guarantee for being 100% happy with whatever I have with me. So then after reaching my destination I go to shop, which results in more extra weight on the counter at the airport on the way home. You see? It is a mess. And money out of the window. Not smart. Every time I swear I will not bring so many things with me next time, but it keeps happening again and again. So I have to do something about it. And here is the thing I realised: I must do more with accessories. They are small, light and the can transform a look in an instance.

You can actually make pretty dramatical changes with accessories about the same look, but my aim is just to change the feeling when you look at the whole outfit. I like it simple, minimalistic, and to reach that only changing one accessory does the work. The first look with a pop-of-colour red handbag is a style I would wear running errands in the city. But for a garden party or for a walk on the coast I would just loose the bag and add a gorgeous, huge straw hat. As simple as that. Changing just one little thing gives me a different feeling even if I am wearing the same outfit. By the way the top of the cake is that my whole look is really budget friendly!

What I wear

Bustier top: H&M Culottes: Mango (see also here) Wooden platform mules: H&M (on Sale!) Bag: Miu Miu (on Sale!) Sunglasses: Prada Straw hat: H&M Scarf: Zara (see also here)

What are your tips & tricks for making the most out of one look?

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