SCANDI street style from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Have you seen our most recent hashtag on Instagram #silksofinegoescopenhagen? Yes, we are right in the middle of the Danish paradise to literally celebrate the era of nordic street style during Copenhagen Fashion Week. One thing about Scandinavian style that fascinates me is that it really comes from within: it’s real. And although one would think it’s easy to follow and embrace their style, the thing is that behind every look there is a personality that makes it really shine through.

Pernille Teisbœk, blogger/stylist // All images: Victor Jones, Quod Couture / COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK®

To me Copenhagen Fashion Week is the most special and authentic one ever since. No one is really showing off and no one is wearing anything that doesn’t accurately represent their personality. Everyone looks practical, laid-back yet still beyond stylish. Style is in their veins. Just think of the ever-so-chic Pernille Teisbœk from Look de Pernille, or Celine Aagaard from Hippie, Hippie – Milkshake whom are some of the favourite icons shot by the coolest photographers like Adam KatzThe Sartorialist, our favourite Louise Veng from Polaris Journal (Do you guys remember that I’ve interviewed her last season?) or Victor Jones who did all these gorgeous street style images. Anyway, these stylish ladies took over the streets of Copenhagen wearing not only blacks but colourful furs, palazzo pants, divine heels and funky sneakers rushing from one show to another not once on bikes. And despite all the rain and greyness, do they look like they did not feel like dressing up today? Apparently not. Are you ready to see what’s trending in the Danish capital? Look what the bloggers, editors and fashionistas are up to nowadays in the cold North.

Laura Tønder, blogger
VJV | CPHDAY1 BANK 2015.01.28 (29 of 86)
Marie Jensen, blogger
VJV | CPHDAY1 BANK 2015.01.28 (24 of 86)
Mie Juel, Elle Magazine
VJV | CPHDAY1 BANK 2015.01.28 (22 of 86)
Cecilie Christiansen, ELLE Magazine
VJV | CPHDAY1 BANK 2015.01.28 (10 of 86)
Maria Barfod, Stylist/DJ

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