September’s five: the new Chanel Nr. 5 and a new closet

It is pretty hard to get inspired for the upcoming season when it doesn’t feel like fall at all. It is almost the end of September and it feels like the end of summer. Indian summer is not a usual thing here in the north but I guess we just have it right now. The confusion is real as the stores are full with warmer clothing, a few shops already have started the mid-season SALE for fall (?!) but it is just not cold enough yet, so I am still kind of stocked in summer modus. But there are already a few things I keep eye on when the weather gets back to “normal” and it includes not only clothing but beauty and travel as well. These are my fall inspirations, come along.

1. The new Chanel Nr. 5

Just as this short video says: you know it and you don’t know it. The brand new version of the Chanel Nr. 5 series is different than any other Nr. 5-s before. I was a little sceptical but I purchased it and I love it! Either I got older in my scent taste (NO WAY) or Chanel made a younger version of their classic, this eau de toilette is more flowery, more fresh than the heavier versions. But as it is not a perfume it also lasts shorter. Still, you should give it a try!


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2. Gucci fever

Since last year Gucci has found the way back to our hearts (and closest) and the success goes on and on. I love the new velvet (season’s favourite fabric) bags and the Gucci Ghost series’ arrogant style is more wanted than ever. Life is Gucci peeps.


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3. A home for shoes and bags

This is not specifically a topic for fall inspirations but a big dilemma for a long time now in my household. Not because I have so many shoes and bags (I bet you have more than me) I just simply do not have any decent place to store my stuff properly. Recently I have got inspired on Instagram (you will love this video, and that closet OMG) to build a pretty closet in my home office, cause it is a fashion place anyway, right? It takes a long time to get it ready but I will show you when finally my shoes and bags could move in.


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4. Word of the month: balayage

I am letting my hair grow so if it is not a cut that can give a fresh style, it must be a new colour then. I adore the hair (and style in general) of this girl and my hair is long enough now to play with the colours a little bit. The most important is to keep it look natural. A lot of people are not familiar with this hair-colouring technique but I am all about it now. It’s a freehand colouring method to create soft, sun kissed – like tones. You like?


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5. Dream escape: the Maldives

It’s a place where we go back regularly because nothing compares to the Maldives. There are many beautiful places in the world but the water is just a different turquoise, the reefs have a more colourful life and the sand is just whiter here. Counting the days till we go there again, and luckily it is not that a long waiting anymore 😉 . Till then read about my former travel stories about the Maldives here.


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