Seven sunglasses styles to trend this season

Sunglasses are like shoes or bags: somehow there is never enough of them and I am definitely not an Anna Wintour type, who effortlessly can rock the same style forever. I am rather an easy target of sales with catchy designs and a hint of classy.

Sometimes I am wondering how many new styles are possible to bring out to the market, because the creativity of eyewear designers seems to have no limit. Just when I think, ok, now I have every type of sunglasses that suit my face, my style, my whole wardrobe, then for sure the new season comes filled again with attractive new shades to love.  It is easy to get caught up on the newest offers however I have realised that a lot of times “new styles” are actually not that new. Fashion always goes in circles, just take a look at the return of flared jeans. If you are lucky you (or your mom) might still have one in the closet. Anyhow, I am totally inspired to get a pair of new sunglasses so I took a look around and set up a list of the latest trends. I tried to avoid to label the shades by their shape, rather by their other-than-shape main characteristics. Hopefully it helps you as well to find out what to wear new or old this season.

1. Bright

These sunglasses are outstanding with their colour. Either their frame or glass, they can be the centre of the overall look, real eye-catchers. For handling such a colour splash well I would dress monochrome or crazy colourful, like this Moschino style.

2. Oversized

It is really helpful to wear such shades when you don’t sleep enough, when you are about to go fast to the deli without make-up or when you just want to be trendy cool. Oversized is most of the time the best option, also when it is about sunglasses.

3. Retro

Of course retro can mean a lot of different kind of styles, but this season’s retro covers everything from the 60′ – 70′ – thus sunglasses as well. The rounder the better.

4. Ombre

Ombre hair is very last season however ombre sunglasses are just having their trendiest time. There are a lot of versions of ombre, fading from the bottom up, or top to bottom, either way they are all fabulous. I especially like this Gucci retro style ombre aviator.

5. Cat-eye

Rocking cat-eye like Chiara Ferragni (on photo) does with this beautiful embroidered cape adds an extra feminine edge to this sexy eyewear. Doesn’t always have to be so seriously elegant tho, cat-eye sunglasses are there to be cool and playful as well.

6. Aviator

Aviator style sunglasses will never go out of style. Dior (on photo) does a beautiful interpretation of classic aviators. Mirrored glasses, gold metal frame, ultra chic style that can elevate the simplest white-t-shirt-distressed-jeans look as well.

7. Extravagant

If you think cat-eye sunglasses are not for you, there is an other cat-style option to go for: cat-ears! Linda Farrow created a very forward-thinking look with these playful sunnies (on photo). These and many more sunglasses can push the boundaries, still look admirably extravagant.


Which style is yours?




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