#silksofinegoesMaldives: Kuda Huraa, our home far from home

As I promised I will tell you about my latest travel, a fantastic (and very VERY much needed) winter escape to the sunny side of life, the Maldives. I was lucky to already visit a few islands on this Paradise on earth (read here) and this time I will show you two resorts I became to love to go. In this post I tell you about Kuda Huraa, a small island that we call our home when we are on the Maldives and next time I share what I have seen on Landaa Giraavaru, an other Four Seasons resort to visit when you travel to the Indian ocean.

Peaceful Kuda Huraa

In the last few years somehow we kept returning to the same resort on the Maldives: Kuda Huraa. This little island (Kuda Huraa means small island) put a magic spell on us and makes us coming back, like we come back to our home far from home. There are a lot of reasons, why we like to start our Maldivian holidays here. For instance the distance between Kuda Huraa and the airport. It takes around half an hour boat ride to get from the airport to Kuda Huraa, which lays on the North Malé Atoll. Half an hour feels doable after travelling 15 hours from Hamburg to Male (capital of the Maldives). On the boat you have time to kind of arrive: adjusting the heat, getting used to the beautiful bright colours (after grey, wintery North-Germany) and in general just to feel the change. Another good reason is the size of the island. This small island provides enough privacy to stay away from everybody if you want to, at the same time if you wish to have a change you just do a short walk to the shop or to the bar and you surely meet a lot of people (guests and staff) on the way. You can have constant contact with the friendly staff (who rather became our friends, in the last few years) or you can just hide away and enjoy the breezy beach.

There are two sides of the island to choose from: sunset or sunrise. The main difference is that the sunrise side is facing the open water thus it is windy most of the time. The sunset side is not windy and it feels really much warmer than the other side. At the sunrise side you can have great snorkelling, while on the sunset side you can try a lot of different water sports. I equally like both sides, however this time somehow the sunset side looked more beautiful to me.

The sunset side of the island

Regarding the cuisine, three restaurants and one bar make the island-gastro experience fulfilled. The Italian, Indian and Asian kitchen provide wonderful choices and makes our stay every single time delicious. We also like to stay at the bar where you can watch the sunset with a refreshing cocktail in hand, and then you can eat snacks or light dinners there as well. The bar is a common meeting place anyway. They do quite a lot of activities there on every evening. There is fish feeding which is a big favourite of the kids, sometimes a reef shark shows up, other times stingrays. And there is the famous crab-race, really fun. You can bet on your favourite crab and if you are lucky you can win a free cocktail or what I was winning one time, my crab being second in the race, a small present. When the audience is in a good mood crab race is really fun. You hear people supporting their chosen crab like crazy :). And that is the most adrenalin rush you have on the island, unless you do some water sports or you go surfing. Surfing is really good at the Maldives, they actually hold annually professional surf contests here and you get to go to the exact same spots where pros are competing. After sport it feels wonderful to get a massage in the spa, my very favourite massage is a four hands massage, 90 minutes complete turn off, relax in the relax. I dare to say I never had such a good massage anywhere else.

On our first week on the Maldives we had a wonderful time on Kuda Huraa, it is a perfect winter escape, and in case you spend minimum two weeks on the Maldives I can truly suggest to start your vacation there. It is on midway to any other resorts on other atolls, and staying there makes your holiday start smoothly into the island life.

Fruit salad – Maldivian style
Grill restaurant at the sunrise side of the island
Path to the Italian restaurant
…such a colour….
Traditional Maldivian home
One minute boat ride to the spa
Evenings at the bar..

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